Vision 2020 is in good hands

EDMONTON, AB – The Annual General Meeting on April 25, 2016 saw Northlands release its 2015 Annual Report to its shareholders. In addition to acceptance of the Annual Report, the shareholders approved an updated governance model. The Board of Directors will work with the City of Edmonton to put the new governance model into effect. The shareholders waived their right to elections to the Board of Directors which results in no composition changes to the board and ensures continuity.

At the recent Organizational Board of Directors meeting held on April 28, 2016, the following officers were elected: Geoff Oberg, Chair, Burke Perry, First Vice-Chair and Stephen Parker, Second Vice-Chair. In further continuity, the board grandfathered Christy Morin, Lynn Faulder and Peter Silverstone as appointments to the Board. Having served three terms, Laura Gadowsky resigned as Chair of Northlands Board of Directors but will stay on as a member of the board.

“I’m honoured to be appointed as Chair,” says Geoff Oberg, Chair of the Northlands Board of Directors. “This is a pivotal time in Northlands history and I look forward to working with the team to bring Vision 2020 forward and make it a reality.” “I would like to recognize the contribution of Laura Gadowsky for her commitment as Chair. Thank you for your unwavering dedication to Northlands and the community we serve,” noted Oberg.

“Northlands is honoured to work with Geoff as Chair of the Board of Directors,” said Tim Reid, President & CEO of Northlands. “In his recent role as Chair of the Futures Committee, Geoff was pivotal in bringing Vision 2020 to light. I welcome the opportunity to continue the path set forth in Vision 2020 and to continue working with Geoff and our Board of Directors.”

The 2015 annual report can be downloaded from the Northlands website by clicking here.

The members of the Northlands Board of Directors for 2016 (inclusive) are:
Geoff Oberg (Chair)
Burke Perry (First Vice-Chair)
Stephen Parker (Second Vice-Chair)
Gord Wilson (Chair, Board of Governors)
Vacant (Federal Appointee)
Vacant (Provincial Appointee)
Mayor Don Iveson (City Appointee)
Councilor Tony Caterina (City Appointee)
Councilor Michael Oshry (City Appointee)
Peter Silverstone (Article 54 Appointee)
Christy Morin (Article 54 Appointee)
Lynn Faulder (Article 54 Appointee)
Geraldine Bidulock
Robin Cumine
Laura Gadowsky
Jackie Rae Greening
Earl Klapstein
Dave Majeski
Cheryl Petruk
Jennifer Wood

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