EDMONTON, AB – On Thursday, May 7, the Northlands Board of Directors held a Special Meeting to discuss the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee Report, released on April 15, 2015. The Board has reviewed the report and has accepted the recommendations. The primary recommendation is to collaborate with partners to repurpose the Northlands arena. If Northlands cannot find partners to collaborate with to repurpose the facility, the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee has made the recommendation to demolish and develop the land.

“I’d like to commend the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee for their work and for delivering a solid report complete with recommendations,” said Laura Gadowsky, Chair of the Northlands Board of Directors. “While a significant amount of work has been completed, we still have several deliverables over the next few months. We’ll be tabling a Strategic Plan in the fall, which will include specific details on the repurposing of the Northlands arena.”

“The Northlands Executive Management Team will now start working on alternative uses for the existing structure,” said Tim Reid, President & CEO of Northlands. “We need a plan in place prior to the opening of Rogers Place in September 2016. What is clear is that whatever the outcome is, it must be based on a solid financial model and community benefit.”

Some of the proposed scenarios include supporting the development of recreational facilities or an agricultural education centre. Other options include repurposing the facility to support the trade, consumer, conference and convention business in Edmonton.

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