Northlands thanks the community for participating

EDMONTON, AB – A total of 26,019 individuals completed the Northlands Arena Survey which was open to the public from December 2, 2014 to January 31, 2015. Respondents from Edmonton, the Capital Region and across the province took the time to answer questions and provide their insight regarding the future building and site use of Rexall Place.

“The goal of the online public survey was to gauge the opinion of Edmontonians and to build consensus in the community about the future use of Rexall Place and the future of Northlands as an organization,” said Tim Reid, President & CEO, Northlands. “Throughout this process, we have determined that the best equation to finding a positive solution involves a combination of studying best practices, strong financial planning and ongoing consultation with those who will be using the facility most – our community. We are astonished by the level of engagement our community has shown with this process and are confident that the future plans of the site will continue to address Edmonton’s needs.”

The Engagement Subcommittee of the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee unveiled an online public survey asking Edmontonians to share their thoughts and suggestions for the future facility and site use of Rexall Place. Over the next few weeks, media and the community can look forward to Northlands announcing many of the findings from that survey.

As part of the Northlands Arena Strategy Committee mandate and goals, the Northlands Board of Directors will publicly announce the plans for the future of Rexall Place on April 15, 2015.

Tim Reid, President and CEO of Northlands will be available for comment today from noon – 1 p.m.

Please contact Jennifer Sheehan at 780.471.7303 to arrange an interview.

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