Northlands 4-H Club

It’s a great opportunity to learn, make friends and have fun!

Northlands Urban 4-H Club through 4-H Alberta

Northlands is pleased to have helped launch two 4-H clubs in the City of Edmonton!

Northlands 4-H Urban Agriculture Club

  • Started in 2019.
  • Projects in gardening, beekeeping, backyard chickens, and more.
  • Registration fee is $170 per year (includes uniform shirt, insurance, all project books and supplies).
  • Meets once a month through fall and winter (typically 3rd Thursday of the month at Sprucewood Library).
  • Will meet more regularly in the spring and summer.
  • Open to youth age 6-20.

Accepting registrations until November 29.

Please contact for more information.


Northlands 4-H Club

  • Started in 2017.
  • 39 members with projects in foods, archery, photography, scrapbooking, electronics, Lego and woodburning.
  • Registration for 2019-2020 is closed.
  • Please use the form below to receive updates for 2020-2021.

Focused on youth 9-20 years of age, this exciting program will inspire them to reach their full potential through opportunities to grow, learn and connect to the world around them.

Members will participate in fun projects and learn through hands on experiences that are designed to increase knowledge and develop life skills.

4-H project possibilities are endless- just check out to see the many opportunities available to club members.

Want more information?

If you would like more information on joining 4-H 2020-2021, please fill out the following information and we will be in touch.

Northlands 4H Club

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