EDMONTON, AB – Calling all urban agriculture enthusiasts! Growing season is finally here again and we’re proud to announce that the Northlands Urban Farm tours are back. There are 40 spots available in each tour of the 31,200 square-foot Northlands Urban Farm. Public tours are free to everyone with the first tour scheduled for May 15 at 5 p.m.

“The Northlands Urban Farm tour is a great way for our guests to see how surplus urban space can be transformed into a sustainable farming operation,” explains Heather Shewchuk, Director, Agriculture at Northlands. “The tour will also highlight the process of bee keeping and honey production, as well as the role pollination plays in the food supply.”

In addition to a tour of the salad crops grown at the Northlands Urban Farm, guests will have the opportunity to visit the onsite apiary (bee yard) that includes four beehives. Guests will not only witness a bee-keeping demonstration, but will learn about the challenges faced by this industry due to colony collapse disorder – a syndrome causing large quantities of bees to disappear.

Further public tour dates are available on June 6 and August 1. For more information on the Northlands Urban Farm and tour registration, visit here.

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