A New Hall D

We will refurbish the existing Hall D into a 5,000 seat concert space and sports arena.
By raising the ceiling 16 meters, we can add more seats and a modest bank of suites.
It will play host to minor hockey tournament championships, professional lacrosse games, small rodeo events and other sporting events.

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Northlands Ice Coliseum

Northlands Ice Coliseum

Retail & Development


Urban Festival Site

Urban Festival Site

Agriculture Portfolio Enhancement

agriculture portfolio enhancement

More to come

These facilities are just the beginning for a transformed Northlands. Creating these spaces will allow us to develop increased capacity in a number of other areas, including incubation spaces for agriculture and food service, or multi-use spaces that could host markets and even breweries. As we progress in our public conversation around how we will transform Northlands, we will make further announcements.

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