Economic Impact

In its strategic plan, Vision 2020: The Re-creation of Recreation,

Northlands has put forward a redevelopment strategy that encompasses the entire Northlands campus, including:

  • a repurposed Northlands arena facility as a multi-ice sheet venue;
  • a redeveloped 5,000-seat Hall D in the Edmonton EXPO Centre;
  • a mix of on-site residential and commercial development;
  • an outdoor urban festival and events site; and
  • an area to support and showcase agricultural-related activities (e.g. agriculture school, innovation kitchen, and market brewery).

As part of understanding the potential effects of its redevelopment plans on the City of Edmonton and the province as a whole, Northlands engaged Nichols Applied Management, an Edmonton-based economics and management consulting firm, to prepare a concise overview of the economic and fiscal impacts of redevelopment. The study was conducted in early 2016.

As of early 2016, Northlands’ redevelopment plans are largely conceptual. As such, the findings of this study are preliminary in nature and subject to further refinement and analysis as Northlands proceeds with its redevelopment plans.

To view the report please visit here.

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