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Edmonton City Council Presentation – March 15, 2016


We are planning on breaking ground on the first major project, the Urban Festival Site by October 2016, to be ready for July 1st 2017 – Canada’s 150th Birthday. All of the other components will be ready by the end of 2020.


We can’t do this on our own, obviously. Northlands has been run as a non-profit organization for 137 years – we’re simply unable to save for a vision like this on our own. Northlands will require some up front capital costs from the Province and some financial arrangements with the City in order to make this work. We are expecting that, when complete, major components of this vision will produce revenue on their own.

These facilities are just the beginning for a transformed Northlands.

Creating these spaces will allow us to develop increased capacity in a number of other areas, including incubation spaces for agriculture and food service, or multi-use spaces that could host markets and even breweries. As we progress in our public conversation around how we will transform Northlands, we will make further announcements.



Why do we need the Northlands Ice Coliseum?
There’s a serious ice-time crunch in Edmonton. Edmonton will need at least 6 new ice sheets by 2019 to meet their demand. This proposal would increase the current capacity by nearly 25%.

This gives us a fantastic place for tournaments to take place and the next generation of hockey players to grow. This facility will be the only one of its kind in Canada, and we believe it will make Edmonton the hockey tournament capital of Canada.

Can it be used for more than just hockey?
Yes. This is more than a simple hockey space. The facility can be converted to host high volumes of volleyball, basketball, indoor soccer and curling, among others.


When would construction begin?
October 2016, completed by July 2017.

Will it be fully functional when we start using it (boxes, grandstands, etc)?
We are planning for it to be open in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday.

Aren’t we competing with Commonwealth Stadium with the Urban Festival Space?
We would be moving a few events per year from Commonwealth to the Urban Festival Space. These events would then have the potential to be larger than at Commonwealth.


Why does the city need a refurbished Hall D?
The city has a number of 2,000 – 3,000 seat spaces, and will have a large 20,000 seat space downtown, but no mid-level concert space. This will allow us to attract medium size concerts and expand our capacity to deliver sporting events like lacrosse, rodeo and hockey.


Is Northlands abandoning its roots as an agricultural society?
No. We will have a new strategy to our agriculture work, which will refocus some of our programming, but ultimately, this will provide us with more capacity to support agriculture in Alberta.

How do the new ventures fit into the Northlands business model?
Northlands is not taking on anything that it doesn’t do extremely well. The major change is in how much we’re taking on, not our areas of expertise.

Northlands Ice Coliseum

Through a Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) process, Northlands is seeking to understand what:

  • Commercial real estate developers, brokers, construction firms, architects, engineers, and planners (Vendors); and
  • Other broader community-at-large stakeholders such as:
    • Non/not-for-profit entities;
    • Agencies, boards, and commissions;
    • Municipalities, academia, schools, hospital; and
    • Municipal, provincial, federal governments

May have interest in a potential redevelopment and/or tenancy of the NDL including condominiums, rental housing, mixed use, residential, hotels, and retail space including but not limited to:

What developments Vendors would propose including details such as:

  • Size and estimated number of types of development – office, retail, housing, recreational, entertainment, etc;
  • Square footage, sample tenants, and business model/ownership (lease/sub-lease, own, etc.);
  • What parcel or parcels a Vendor would potentially like to develop or lease;
  • A listing of any major partner(s) that Vendor(s) would team with and a background of them including examples of developments of a similar scale and scope;
  • What Vendors would be interested in tenancy in any redeveloped Northlands’ Development Lands (“NDL”) element;
  • Obtaining and understanding a Vendor’s preliminary commercial development concepts (including initial drawings) regarding what they would envision for the NDL; and
  • Feedback and thoughts about the concepts already presented to date.

The Request for Expression Interest Submission Date has expired and the process is formally closed for responses.
Northlands would like to thank all organizations that submitted responses.

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