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The best part about volunteering for Northlands Events, like K-Days and Farmfair International, is feeling good will and accomplishment from helping to make a difference in your community. There are a lot of other great benefits too!

Benefits include:

  • Opportunities to make new friends
  • Comfortable uniform
  • Light meals and refreshments provided
  • Easy online sign-up for shifts
  • Discounted tickets for admissions to events like K-Days
  • Discounted opportunities with Northlands Corporate Partners
  • ETS Tickets
  • Free parking when volunteering
  • Service pins and Northlands awards
  • Fun-filled Volunteer Kick-Offs
  • Volunteer Center access during Northlands events
  • Volunteer only website

Volunteer #NorthlandsStory

As Northlands embarks upon its 140 year anniversary, we want to share stories and memories from the people who bring our events to life – Northlands Volunteers.

Lorri Andrews

“My favourite Northlands memory was during the final CFR at the coliseum in 2017. I was volunteering at Rodeo Magic; my role was with the horse rides for children with special needs. One little girl in a wheelchair couldn’t ride a horse so I brought one over to her so she could pet him. The look of wonder on her face was priceless as she said the word “soft.” Her guardian with her got tears in her eyes – here, I thought I had done something wrong! She reassured me that they were happy tears; she then explained to me that little girl never spoke and that was the first word she ever heard her say. It is wonderful what a horse can do for a child and so special that I got to be a part of that moment! This will be a memory etched on my heart forever. Winston Churchill famously said, “there is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” He was so right!”

– Lorri Andrews
volunteering since 1993

Nelson Modin

“There’s been great experiences and great people that I’ve met,” says Nelson Modin, Northlands Volunteer for 40 years. His first taste of Northlands was in 1955 as a 4-H member standing proud with his thematic display at the exhibition in the Edmonton Gardens. From there, Nelson became a leader in the sheep show at Farmfair International and the chair of the Agriculture Development Committee. With his knowledge and passion for sheep, Nelson was then asked to form a Sheep Club for Strathcona County – this was the start of the Strathcona Lamb Chops. Nelson was even part of the organizing team who created the scholarship for sheep producers which is still an ongoing bursary supported by Northlands.

Nelson recalls one story at Farmfair where the weather and conditions took a turn for the worst and exhibitors were encouraged to leave late Saturday and early Sunday to make their safe journey home. This was when Farmfair included a dairy cattle show and there was a dairy family from Salmon Arm who was travelling back to B.C. On their way home, they encountered terrible conditions in Rogers Pass. Stranded on the road for hours, the owners had one thought on their mind, “our jersey cows need a break from the stock trailer!” So there, on a snowy day in the middle of the mountains, they laid straw in the ditch for bedding and let the jersey cows out. “One cow even needed to be milked on the side on the road!”

– Nelson Modin
volunteering since 1978

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